Trail and State Park Information

I love being in nature – it’s my happy place. Whenever I am having a hard day or my mind needs a break, I try to get outside and clear it. For me that can mean hiking a big mountain, exploring a nature trail or sitting by the ocean and being at peace.

I started keeping track of all the trails and state parks that I have completed, not only for myself, but also so I can share them with you all. Below are all of the trails I have completed thus far, separated by year. Each trail and state park that is underlined is clickable and will bring you directly to either the AllTrails map or their website.

If you are interested in reading my blog posts about my adventures in Maine, which I started in 2022, you can check them out here.

Total Lifetime Trails Completed: 49

Trails completed in Maine: 48
Trails completed in New Hampshire: 1
Trails completed in New York: 1

Maine National Parks = 1/1

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, the only National Park in Maine, is filled with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and multiple hiking trails of all different skill levels. This park is also home to Cadillac Mountain, which is popular from October to March, as the sun rises here first before any other easternmost state.

Maine State Parks = 8/34

New England 4,000 Footers: 0/67

My goal in 2023 is to start working on the New England 4,000 Footers. Stay tuned for updates.

ME 4,000 Footers = 0/14

NH 4,000 Footers = 0/48

VT 4,000 Footers = 0/5

Mount Mansfield
Killington Peak
Camel’s Hump
Mount Ellen
Mount Abraham