Blueberry Mountain Trail

Exploring The Trail

Blueberry Mountain is a beautiful, moderately challenging mountain located in Stow, Maine. There are a few different trails that you can take to get to the summit and each one is located on private property, so everyone should be respectful not only to the land owners, but also to nature. We completed the White Cairn to Stone House Trail which is a 4 mile loop with an elevation gain of 1,190 ft. We took the White Cairn Trail to the summit and the Stone House Trail down where we stopped and enjoyed the Rattlesnake Pool. Spoiler alert, the Rattlesnake Pool is incredible and you have to stop and see it.

The White Cairn to Stone House trailhead was difficult to find, but thankfully the AllTrails map saved the day. The parking lot had plenty of spaces for multiple cars but was empty when we arrived. We knew ahead of time that the forecast for the day was foggy with scattered showers, but we decided we would chance it in hopes that the fog would burn off by the time we got to the summit. Unlike most trails, this one did not immediately start at the parking lot. First we passed through the Stone House trail gate, then we followed a dirt road until it led us to the White Cairn Trail sign, then into the woods.

As we entered the woods, we began to get bombarded by mosquitoes. We realized that this was most likely how the rest of the hike was going to be due to how damp and foggy it was. Nature was slowly coming back to life after the long and cold winter we previously had so the trail was vibrant and green even with the darker sky and dead leaves covering the ground. The path was a little muddy and some of the rocks and leaves were slippery, but it wasn’t a hindrance if you paid attention.

We followed the Stone House trail down taking in the forest views, enjoying how easy this side was, while still being eaten alive but mosquitoes. When we saw the Rattlesnake Pool sign we knew that we were close to finishing the trail, but had this one last sight to see. We took the trail to the left and made our way to the pool. The pictures that I have seen of the pool were incredible, but nothing prepared me for how it would look in person. Not only is the water crystal clear, but the emerald green color is even more vibrant and stunning in person. We sat on the rocks around the pool in silence and just listened to the water rushing down for a few minutes. We wanted to spend more time here, but the mosquitoes around the water were ruthless, so we made our way back to the trail.

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