Hedgehog Mountain

This trail is located on Hedgehog Mountain Rd in Freeport, ME right before the Freeport Recycling Center. The parking lot is small but there is plenty of space to park on the road if needed. The trail starts by crossing over a small bridge that leads to a stone that has information about the trail on it. After stopping and looking at the stone we continued following the trail further where we came across a sign that shows you which way each separate trail goes. Hedgehog Mountain has multiple trails that you can do, such as a loop trail around or one that leads you right to the summit. We decided to take the short trail to the summit first just in case we ran out of time.

We stayed at the summit for a little while and took in the view. It is a smaller mountain so the view isn’t as spectacular as others, but for the size, it is beautiful. There is also a sign that shows you how far away other mountain ranges are. It was a nice clear day when we went so we could see the mountains off in the distance. After taking in the view at the summit we decided that we had time to do the loop trail.

We headed off and followed the trail from the summit, through the woods, and back to the start of the trail. In between the woods we could see the sun setting and we hoped that we had time to make it back to the summit again to catch it. Lucky for us, we made it through the loop trail and back to the summit just in time to see it. Like I said previously, the trail is small and easy, but it is a good sunset hike. After catching the sunset, we followed the short summit trail back to the parking lot and decided it was time to get some food.

After the hike we decided to head over to Mast Landing Brewing Company in Freeport to celebrate with beer and food. The beer here is amazing and we have never been disappointed. They release beers often, have a great rotating menu, the staff is always friendly and there is plenty of seating both inside and outside.

If you are feeling hungry you can also grab food from Nighthawk’s Kitchen. Each table at Mast Landing has a bar code you can scan and place a food order. Once the food is done, it can be picked up at the “pick up” counter. We HIGHLY recommend the Alex’s Hot Parm wings, the french fries, and their homemade hot sauce.

The first picture is of Nighthawk Kitchen’s food found on Mast Landing’s blog. The second picture is of the bar found in an article from the Press Harold. The third picture is of Mast Landing’s beer found on

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