Potts Point Preserve

Exploring The Trail

Potts Point Preserve was a perfect trail to do in March because it was shorter (just over a mile), there was barely any snow, it had ocean views, and I only came across two people the entire time I was there. It isn’t much of a trail but you can see Maine’s rocky coast line here, casco bay, and many islands in the distance. It is perfect if you want to explore, have a picnic or if you just want to sit by the ocean for a while and clear your mind. I would definitely visit this spot again.

I started my adventure near the boat launch area in Harpswell, ME located on Potts Point Rd. I explored the pier and walked along the sandy beach. I sat on some wet rocks and just listened to the waves crash for a while before continuing on. There was nobody around so it was peaceful and relaxing.

As I continued down the beach, I stopped frequently to enjoy the view. The beach was filled with a ton of shells and snails which I tried to avoid stepping on as best as I could. It was a foggy and dreary day, but it did not ruin the view for me at all. There were not a lot of people around, so I was able to stop and enjoy the sounds of the ocean at my own pace.

The further down I got, the more ocean I could see, especially off in the distance. The trail became more rocky as I got closer to where the land ends, but it was fun to climb along the rocks even if they were wet. The rocks eventually led me to another beach area with tidal pools. I sat here for a while and took it all in.

As mentioned in my blog, nature is my happy place and the ocean has always been one of my favorite places to be. There is nothing like listening to the waves crash and being able to just remain calm and at peace. I wish there was a way that I could explain how it makes me feel, but it really is indescribable. It is just a feeling – my favorite feeling.

I did the loop around the peninsula and started to head back the same way I came. On the way back the sun started to peak out through the clouds. The trees and plants were still dead from the winter, but the sun was hitting them perfectly and it looked like they were glimmering, it was beautiful.

The other side of the peninsula was dry and covered in shells. This side provided just as beautiful a view as the other side did. The sun was still trying to come through, but the clouds were not parting. I was going to try to wait until sunset, but it didn’t seem like it was going to clear up.

On my walk back to my car I took my time. I ran into one person walking their dog and had a friendly afternoon chat. I stopped and enjoyed each and every view one more time before I had to leave. I randomly found this trail and ended up doing it because I was in a rough spot this day and I am so happy that I did. It is crazy to me how much my mood changes when I am in nature and when I can run through my thoughts quietly and peacefully.

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